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Why Buying An Outdoor Gas Stove Is Preferable To An Electric November 26, 2016

Electric stoves were trumpeted as a great way to cook food and save consumers money.

However, many still prefer the powers of the gas stove to that of an electric stove.


There are a variety of reasons.

When choosing the best outdoor gas stoves, it is worth knowing why gas is preferable to electric when cooking.

Why cook with gas?

Cooking with a gas stove has a variety of advantages to cooking with an electric stove.

For example, they provide heat more quickly than an electric stove.

This makes it less problematic when cooking more delicate foods.

Another advantage is that the heat will disappear instantly.

Electric stoves take a long time to cool down, which may be dangerous if you have children.

Simmering food is also easier with a gas stove than an electric.

Electric stoves have a harder time achieving and maintaining the kind of simmer that a gas stove achieves almost effortlessly.

Boiling is also easier, as gas heat offers an immediate boost of heat which can be easily adjusted.

The dangers of under-cooked meat

Another reason that gas stoves are preferable is that they cook meat more fully than electric stoves.

Meat needs to achieve very high interior temperatures (over 200 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to kill off bacteria, mold, and mildew that otherwise could impact your health.

There are between 6.5 to 33 million cases of microbial infections caused by under-cooked meat every year.

Even worse, 900,000 die as a result.

Electric stoves don’t achieve the steady and intense heat that is achieved in a gas stove.

While it isn’t dangerous to cook meat with an electric stove, improperly using it can be.

People who are used to gas stoves may not let their meat cook long enough in an electric stove, leading to an infestation of dangerous microbial diseases.

Considerations for best outdoor gas stove

When you are thinking of buying the best gas stoves, you need to take into account various important considerations.

These will help guide you toward buying a stove that is worth your money and which will cook your food the way that you like.

For example, a good gas stove should have a BTU rating of between 5,000 to 12,500.

BTU measures the cooking capacity of a gas stove, and the higher the number, the quicker and more efficiently it will cook.

Other considerations include the type of burners you have installed.

Try to purchase one that has sealed burners, as this makes cleanup easier.

Open burner stoves are less expensive, but if you have a spill-over, your burners are more likely to get stained or be hard to clean.

As a result, disgusting smells or even fires could result when you cook with the burner.

As you can see, there are many benefits of purchasing a gas stove.

Carefully considering your options and gauging their various considerations is crucial to buying the best outdoor gas stove for you and your cooking needs.