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The Nine Signs Of A Smartphone Addict November 16, 2017

Have you yet realized if you are a smartphone addict or not? Well that’s the first step.

If you haven’t you might want to watch out for these five telltale signs that give you away easily.

1. You check your phone for everything

If instead of trusting the wall clock to tell you what time it is, or not opening the window until you know the exact temperature and it’s clearly hot outside, you are probably an addict.

2. You are willing to break the law for social media

If you’ve ever ran a red light to catch up on social media or worse still updated your Facebook status while behind the wheel you are heading towards digital addiction.

3. You lie when asked about your smartphone habits

If you have to lie to justify the hours you spend on screen, you are probably an addict.

In some cases, you feel uncomfortable when someone who has addressed this issue walks into the room.

4. You make excuses

The thing with addiction is that you will always have something to justify your wrongdoing.

If you have to make up excuses as to why you can’t put your phone down, you are probably a smartphone addict.

5. You easily get angry while off-grid

In this day of age, you will barely walk into a restaurant or store that doesn’t have WiFi.

This is because most customers will prefer free WiFi to cheaper products or better services.

Now, if you find yourself feeling exasperated or upset when the WiFi is not available, you are heading towards addiction.

6. You check your phone for no reason

A typical sign of smartphone addiction is that you check your phone every 30 seconds for no reason.

It gets worse with time as you will start idling while going through messages you’ve already read, then to social media and finally CandyCrush.

By the time you realize it, you’ve gone through six hours of screen time.

7. You become unproductive until the last hour

If you find yourself struggling to beat deadlines and you can trace back the hours lost to your smartphone, you are probably a smartphone addict.

This is because you are willing to choose screen time over productivity.

8. You prefer being alone

A smartphone addict loses people person and socializing skills as they are better off doing everything online.

More often than not, people often criticize heavy smartphone users so to avoid confrontation you prefer being alone.

9. You are on your phone while out

It could be a date, clubbing or a casual lunch; but if you find yourself spending longer than usual on your phone to a point of someone bringing up the issue, you are probably a smartphone addict.

The worst thing about this is that you will not realize this until someone points it out.

The above signs are based on research done by Center for Internet and Technology Addiction director Dr. David Greenfield.

He says that close to 90% of user’s misuse, abuse or overuse their devices.

The data was based on a telephone research done by his company and AT&T on 1,000 smartphone users.

Could this mean that I am more likely a smartphone addict? Well, there’s always the Smartphone Abuse Test you can refer to.