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The Five Best Steamers for Bed Bugs December 13, 2017

A bed bug infestation is one of the most disappointing things that can ever happen in your home.

The infestation can get you unaware, prompting you to buy any steamer you can find.

As a result, the urge to put the infestation to an end leads you to get a steamer that gives you poor results.

To aid in getting rid of bed bugs, we have compiled a list of the best steamers for bed bugs.

Before you purchase any of these products, you should consider a steamer that will take the least time in getting rid of the bed bugs.

Most steamers have hoses if the area infested is vast.

You will need a lighter steamer so that the weight doesn’t tire you quickly.

A bigger water tank is another investment you should consider, to lessen the number of times you are going to refill it.

You should also opt for an easy to use steamer.

A bed bug infestation is annoying enough, and you don’t want to annoy yourself more by trying to figure out how a steamer works.

Plus, steamers also aid in getting rid of mold, germs and even dust.

Jet Steamer by Pure Daily Care

The Jet steamer has several attachments that help you clean beneath furniture such as seats and beds.

It also has a large water tank.

The cleaner doesn’t just get rid of bugs, but it’s able to remove garment wrinkles.

The Jet Steamer is chemical free.

Therefore you don’t have to worry about intoxicating your children or even pets.

The Jet Steamer is very easy to use.

It will, thus, take very little of your time.

The MR 100 Primo Cleaning System

The MR 100 Primo Cleaning System is highly ranked in the consumer digest magazine as to be the best steamer for bed bugs.

Other than eliminating bed bugs, it’s able to sanitize surfaces, kill termites, and destroy allergens and several other pests.

The steamer is famous because it has a lifetime warranty.

Therefore, if you come across any complications, you can always send it back to the manufacturer.

It has an adjustable steam output plus its chemical free.

McCulloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steamer

It’s a bit costly, but it has several features that outstand other steamers.

One of these features is its 48 OZ tank capacity that heats up in at least ten minutes.

Plus it can conduct thorough cleaning for a duration of about 45 minutes.

The McCulloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steamer heats up to around 200F that can destroy bed bugs.

Among its attachments is a scrub pad that will help you remove the stains from bed bugs and dust.

The Comforday Handheld Steam Cleaner

It’s easy to use because it’s handheld.

You will, therefore, get rid of the bugs comfortably.

The steamer has no chemicals and is therefore safe for use in your house.

It has safety lock on the handle.

It’s capable of producing a 270 F of hot steam for 20 minutes continuously.

It’s very efficient.

The Wagner 915 Power Steamer

Its chemical free and has lots of positive reviews on Amazon.

It’s an 8 ft. hose that allows you to clean a large surface area.

It comes with a cleaning brush or cloth, two extension tubes, window squeegee and most importantly a user manual.

The above are the best steamers for bed bugs.

Nevertheless, before buying any product.

You should choose one with features and specifications that appeal to your needs.

You should at all times avoid impulse buying.