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Sweating Is Necessary, But Not The Odor That Comes With It June 2, 2016

Perspiration sweat (“hyperhidrosis”) can occur on the feet, hands, face, and especially under the arms.

For centuries, people sought ways to mask body odors, historically with herbs, spices, leaves, and flowers.

Sweat is one of the causes that changes our bodies’ natural odors through bacterial growth, including what we eat and changes in our natural body chemistry.

Since we all sweat, we need some type of deodorant and antiperspirant to mask certain body odors, which should include zinc or aluminum as well as alcohol which helps to keep us dry.

Deodorants contain antimicrobials that work to reduce and/or kill bacteria that causes body odors.

Some of the best smelling deodorant for men in different categories, includes the following:

Old Spice Original High Endurance and Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport

Old Spice was created in 1934 and it remains a very popular, tried and true brand name for the best smelling deodorant for men.

The Old Spice formula keeps men smelling fresh and not overly scented.

As a best smelling deodorant for men, the Old Spice Pure Sport is a different scent than the Original High Endurance, but it is not strong.

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

Many men today are looking for body scents which are made from “natural” products.

Green Tidings deodorant is an organic, vegan, and gluten free product that contains corn, soy, essential oils, and other ingredients that help to keep men fresh all day.

Green Tidings is also an antiperspirant that prevents and removes odors.

This organic odor free underarm product, as a best smelling deodorant for men, carries several nice light scents that smells fresh all day long.

MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Deodorant

Men enjoy nice scents, but with all of their body products.

MenScience does not contain any fragrance, but it takes care of a man’s underarm body odor all day long.

This effective deodorant does not contain any aluminum and it goes on dry and clear.

The ingredients that it does contain are safe and not toxic, such as witch hazel, aloe, tea tree extract, allantoin, glycerine and the manufacturer’s own creation called “microzeolites.”

Together, the MenScience Deodorant gives men odor busting anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory protection.

Gillette Clinical Odor Shield

Gillette is another popular brand name for male products.

The Gillette Clinical Odor Shield Deodorant is touted as an on-the-go underarm product for all men.

This best smelling deodorant for men is touted as a prescription strength wetness protection product.

It also contains a skin conditioner because men enjoy feeling soft also and its softening ingredients lessens skin irritations.

There is no stickiness, only all day protection from sweat odors and is stain free.

Boss Deodorant by Hugo Boss

On the high-end of deodorant products is Boss, a famous world-wide brand deodorant for men and a fashionable brand name.

It is a best smelling deodorant for men worldwide, due to its exceptional quality and superior effectiveness for all day protection.

The Boss Deodorant is made for men with a scent for men to wear, in lieu of perfume or cologne.

Yes, Boss Deodorant is strong, but it smells like an expensive cologne.

It is also a very effective deodorant for sweat protection and it does not leave any stains on clothes.