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How to Make Cheap Christmas Trees Look Great September 18, 2016

It’s not uncommon for Christmas trees to cost well over $50 or even $100 each.

The taller and fuller a tree is the higher the price tag, which makes inexpensive artificial Christmas trees all the more attractive.

The problem: cheaper christmas trees tend to have a low budget look, rather than a high end realistic one.

Fortunately, there are many easy way to decorate an inexpensive artificial Christmas tree and make it look like one that cost a lost more.

Here’s how you can make your cheap tree look fabulous.

Pick a Theme

Having a theme for decorating inexpensive artificial Christmas trees can make them look more upscale than simply throwing on a mish mash of different types of ornaments.

You can do a theme by subject or color.

For instance, you could opt to only use ornaments that are white, gold, and deep blue, or use ornaments with a gingerbread theme.

The choice is up to you, and the options are nearly endless.

Get Creative with Color

You don’t have to use the traditional Christmas tree colors of red, green, silver, and gold.

In fact, when working with inexpensive artificial Christmas trees using a non-traditional color scheme can help take attention away from any flaws in the tree and make it look much better.

There’s a huge variety of ornament colors and types on the market today, and you can go with any size ornaments that you prefer.

Try pairing chocolate brown with aqua and white, purple with lime green and gold, or you could do a tree with all white ornaments of different textures.

Go With the Less Is More Approach

Just because you have a tree that’s on the cheaper side doesn’t mean you need to pack it with ornaments.

Aim to get the nicest looking, most durable ornaments that you can afford and spread them out evenly on the tree.

Having a ton of ornaments doesn’t necessarily look good, especially on inexpensive artificial Christmas trees.

It can tend to look cluttered and messy when you have a lot of ornaments hanging off one branch, especially since cheaper tree branches often get weighed down easily.

Spreading a well curated mix of decorations around your tree will make it look gorgeous.

Metallics Work Wonders

If you can get your hands on gold, bronze, silver, or other metallic colored ornaments they’ll go a long way towards helping your tree look more expensive than it really it.

These types of ornaments are reflective, look elegant, and you don’t need many to make a big impact.

It’s not just spherical metallic ornaments that look beautiful, but ones of all shapes and sizes.

Choose a mix for visual interest and to jazz up your tree.

Use White Lights

Colored lights are definitely festive, but plain white lights simply look classier on inexpensive artificial Christmas trees.

Be sure to match the string color with the color of your tree, and get enough strings of lights to cover it from top to bottom.

Having ample lights will make the tree look fuller and the illumination will distract from any sparse areas.