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Here Are The Most Popular Camping Chair Reviewed May 1, 2016

The call of the wild started a week ago.

Every time you feel the sunshine warm upon your face you feel like gathering your camping gear and heading to the nearest wooded spot.

One of the essentials has been the camping chair.

So how do you find the best camping chair? You just buy till you find what you like is one way or read reviews.

What is the best camping chair also depending on your personal preferences so let’s take a look at a few recommendations and you can take it from there.

Here are the most popular camping chairs reviewed.

Coleman’s Oversized Camping Quad Chair

A steel framework that crisscrosses to add stability and two struts insert into a durable plastic foot sets the foundation.

Adjustable arms rests adjust to your body.

Its height is adult with an 18.1 in. sitting height.

A fully cushioned seat and back to give comfort and its roomy 24-inch seat does as well.

Side pockets let you store magazines while a mesh cup holder holds your favorite beverage.

A one-year warranty lets you work out the kinks.

You can stuff it all in a carry bag when done for camping chair reviews.

GCI’s Quik-E-Seat Outdoor Chair

In a tight spot, but need a seat.

Deer hunters know some of the best positions to get in that the ultimate buck will appear and are in the most awkward smallest places so does GCI’s Quik-E-Seat Outdoor Chair.

A triangular seat made of durable polyester material plus padded back makes for comfort.

The Patented auto fold technology lets you take it deep in the woods since it rests on a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

A steel frame with two struts meeting in a durable plastic foot gives stability.

A camouflage design lets you blend into the woods just like the deer and gets a gold star from camping chair reviews.

Big Agnes’ Helinox Portable Camp Chair

Forward thinking people would love the futuristic look of this camping chair.

Using anodized aluminium poles the chair supports open air sides and back mesh construction along with a strong fabric seat.

Single shock corded pole construction gives stability.

This aluminum pole technology came from DAC known for light and strong materials.

A sewn in drink holder gives comfort and a carrying case packs it all.

The camping chair reviews think this is a good choice for moving into the future.

Sports Brella’s Recliner Camp Chair

Hoovering above the chair sits a swivel umbrella ready to be moved to block sun or wind with its 360-degree rotation.

The chair has 3 positions and can be adjusted with hinges.

The legs are made of steel and crisscross to add stability.

At least two struts go into each plastic foot pad.

Built in pockets hold the drinks.

Tough polypropylene fabric adds to the strength but is comfortable to sit on.