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The Nine Signs Of A Smartphone Addict November 16, 2017

Have you yet realized if you are a smartphone addict or not? Well that’s the first step.

If you haven’t you might want to watch out for these five telltale signs that give you away easily.

1. You check your phone for everything

If instead of trusting the wall clock to tell you what time it is, or not opening the window until you know the exact temperature and it’s clearly hot outside, you are probably an addict.

2. You are willing to break the law for social media

If you’ve ever ran a red light to catch up on social media or worse still updated your Facebook status while behind the wheel you are heading towards digital addiction.

3. You lie when asked about your smartphone habits

If you have to lie to justify the hours you spend on screen, you are probably an addict.

In some cases, you feel uncomfortable when someone who has addressed this issue walks into the room.

4. You make excuses

The thing with addiction is that you will always have something to justify your wrongdoing.

If you have to make up excuses as to why you can’t put your phone down, you are probably a smartphone addict.

5. You easily get angry while off-grid

In this day of age, you will barely walk into a restaurant or store that doesn’t have WiFi.

This is because most customers will prefer free WiFi to cheaper products or better services.

Now, if you find yourself feeling exasperated or upset when the WiFi is not available, you are heading towards addiction.

6. You check your phone for no reason

A typical sign of smartphone addiction is that you check your phone every 30 seconds for no reason.

It gets worse with time as you will start idling while going through messages you’ve already read, then to social media and finally CandyCrush.

By the time you realize it, you’ve gone through six hours of screen time.

7. You become unproductive until the last hour

If you find yourself struggling to beat deadlines and you can trace back the hours lost to your smartphone, you are probably a smartphone addict.

This is because you are willing to choose screen time over productivity.

8. You prefer being alone

A smartphone addict loses people person and socializing skills as they are better off doing everything online.

More often than not, people often criticize heavy smartphone users so to avoid confrontation you prefer being alone.

9. You are on your phone while out

It could be a date, clubbing or a casual lunch; but if you find yourself spending longer than usual on your phone to a point of someone bringing up the issue, you are probably a smartphone addict.

The worst thing about this is that you will not realize this until someone points it out.

The above signs are based on research done by Center for Internet and Technology Addiction director Dr. David Greenfield.

He says that close to 90% of user’s misuse, abuse or overuse their devices.

The data was based on a telephone research done by his company and AT&T on 1,000 smartphone users.

Could this mean that I am more likely a smartphone addict? Well, there’s always the Smartphone Abuse Test you can refer to.

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Where To Find Beach Chairs With Umbrellas Attached? January 28, 2017

When you hit the beach this coming Summer, you will want to have the right equipment to make the most out of your time there.

Most people want to bring a beach chair so that they have a place to sit and relax without having to sit in the sand.

Beach chairs are a great idea but you might also want sun protection as well.

Having a separate chair and umbrella can be clumsy and difficult to handle.

If the umbrella is freestanding you have to situate it in the sand so that it provides good cover from the sun.

The sand can give way and allow the umbrella to fall or shift.

Constantly repositioning the umbrella can be time-consuming and create an unpleasant situation.

Don’t let this ruin your beach day.

You should get beach chairs with umbrellas attached.

There are several brands that make beach chairs with umbrellas attached.

They have become more popular in the last few years now that people are realizing how much easier it is to have one product to do both jobs.

If you decide to purchase beach chairs with umbrellas attached you will see why so many people are going that route.

You only have to carry one item and the umbrellas is attached to the chair so you don’t have to worry about anchoring it in the sand.

It will stay securely and most are adjustable so that you can block the sun as the daylight changes.

When shopping for beach chairs with umbrellas attached you want to be sure that you are buying a quality item.

One of the best ways to determine if the product you are considering is a good buy or not, it to read the customer reviews.

Most large retailers, especially the online retailers, are going to have customer reviews directly on the product page.

They know that customers rely heavily on the information that they read in the reviews to determine if they will buy the product or pass it up for another.

Customer reviews will give you a better idea as to what to expect from the product.

You will be able to determine if there are going to be potential issues with the beach chair that you may not be expecting or that might be a deal breaker.

The customer reviews will also let you know if you are getting an excellent product that will fit your needs and be a great value for your money.

If you are in the market for beach equipment you should seriously consider getting beach chairs with umbrellas attached.

They will be your new favorite beach accessory.

No more having to lug around two separate products or forgetting one or the other.

Once you see how convenient and easy it is to set up a relaxing spot on the beach with one of these great products you will want to tell your friends and family so that they can get one for themselves.

Check them out online to get more information for brands and prices.

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The Protection Of Patio Umbrellas And Why Solar Lights Are So Nice December 11, 2016

Sitting out on the patio is a fun way to relax and enjoy during the summer.

However, staying out in the sun is a dangerous concern due to the effect it can have on your skin.

Patio umbrellas are a great way to protect yourself.

However, patio umbrellas with solar lights are an even better idea, as this will make it possible to sit outside later in the evening and enjoy your patio long into the fall.

Here’s what you need to know about these unique umbrellas.

The Dangers Of Sunlight Exposure

While sunlight is beneficial in small doses (as it will help speed up vitamin production and improve your mood), the UV rays in the sun can be dangerous to your skin.

How? Exposure to UV rays can cause the development of skin cancer, especially in those who are easily burned or who have a lot of exposed freckles and moles.

However, this isn’t the only danger that can be caused by sunlight.

For example, sunburns can be severe enough to literally burn your skin and may cause excessive pain.

As your skin peels and heals, you will also experience the “devil’s itch,” which will make life miserable as excessive itching spreads across your body and makes it impossible to recover.

How A Patio Umbrella Can Help

Patio umbrellas are a great way to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Sitting underneath a wide and sprawling patio umbrella will keep direct UV rays from falling on your skin and damaging it heavily.

This allows you to relax outside and enjoy beautiful summer and fall days.

It also lets you entertain friends on your patio and protect them from excessive heat and dangerous UV rays.

The Use Of Solar Lights

Many patio umbrellas with solar lights can be installed on your patio for maximum protection.

However, as your solar lights charge, their lights will turn on when darkness falls.

These lights will then provide a nice aura of brightness where you can sit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of your patio and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Choosing One For Your Needs

What kind of patio umbrella with solar lights should you choose? This depends on multiple variables.

For example, the size of your patio is important to consider.

For example, a large umbrella on a small patio will make it look cramped and uncomfortable to sit in.

Other considerations include the power of the lights you want to use.

Some will have very high levels of candlepower that will light up your whole yard while others will only light up the space around the patio.

This depends on how bright you want your lights, such as if you want to entertain friends during the night.

Choosing A Patio Umbrella

There are multiple options which you can choose from when buying a patio umbrella with solar lights.

If you want one without lights, you can also purchase one like that.

However, the price of those with solar lights is usually similar to those without, making it a good investment.

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Why Buying An Outdoor Gas Stove Is Preferable To An Electric November 26, 2016

Electric stoves were trumpeted as a great way to cook food and save consumers money.

However, many still prefer the powers of the gas stove to that of an electric stove.


There are a variety of reasons.

When choosing the best outdoor gas stoves, it is worth knowing why gas is preferable to electric when cooking.

Why cook with gas?

Cooking with a gas stove has a variety of advantages to cooking with an electric stove.

For example, they provide heat more quickly than an electric stove.

This makes it less problematic when cooking more delicate foods.

Another advantage is that the heat will disappear instantly.

Electric stoves take a long time to cool down, which may be dangerous if you have children.

Simmering food is also easier with a gas stove than an electric.

Electric stoves have a harder time achieving and maintaining the kind of simmer that a gas stove achieves almost effortlessly.

Boiling is also easier, as gas heat offers an immediate boost of heat which can be easily adjusted.

The dangers of under-cooked meat

Another reason that gas stoves are preferable is that they cook meat more fully than electric stoves.

Meat needs to achieve very high interior temperatures (over 200 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to kill off bacteria, mold, and mildew that otherwise could impact your health.

There are between 6.5 to 33 million cases of microbial infections caused by under-cooked meat every year.

Even worse, 900,000 die as a result.

Electric stoves don’t achieve the steady and intense heat that is achieved in a gas stove.

While it isn’t dangerous to cook meat with an electric stove, improperly using it can be.

People who are used to gas stoves may not let their meat cook long enough in an electric stove, leading to an infestation of dangerous microbial diseases.

Considerations for best outdoor gas stove

When you are thinking of buying the best gas stoves, you need to take into account various important considerations.

These will help guide you toward buying a stove that is worth your money and which will cook your food the way that you like.

For example, a good gas stove should have a BTU rating of between 5,000 to 12,500.

BTU measures the cooking capacity of a gas stove, and the higher the number, the quicker and more efficiently it will cook.

Other considerations include the type of burners you have installed.

Try to purchase one that has sealed burners, as this makes cleanup easier.

Open burner stoves are less expensive, but if you have a spill-over, your burners are more likely to get stained or be hard to clean.

As a result, disgusting smells or even fires could result when you cook with the burner.

As you can see, there are many benefits of purchasing a gas stove.

Carefully considering your options and gauging their various considerations is crucial to buying the best outdoor gas stove for you and your cooking needs.

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What Is The Best Place To Buy A Steamer September 18, 2016

Are you thinking of purchasing a steamer soon?

Then you should also know where to buy a steamer.

You should have all the information about its features and benefits.

Brands differ but something made in the US will always be of better quality.

One of the best sites to look for a good steamer is Amazon.

You will be able to find great reviews there about any mainstream steamer.

Steamer or pressure cookers

These can be found in most leading home electronics stores.

They, however, need special care when using them to cook your food.

They are mostly available in the big kitchen due to their efficiency and ability to warm meals faster.

You can find safety regulations on how to use them here.

Steamers cook food or warm it up by exposing it steam at a higher pressure.

The higher pressures allow the steam to be heated at higher temperatures.

That makes it easier for the food to cook without burning like it would do with dry heat.

Garment or Clothes Steamer

These are used to remove creases or wrinkles from clothes.

Most people prefer them because they make the fabric smoother.

Silk is one of the best fabrics to use a steamer on.

Unlike ironing, which will easily scorch your silk, a steamer will straighten it out perfectly without scorching it.

If you run a business, you may prefer to use a steamer because of the lower risk of damaging your client’s fabric, as compared to ironing.

It is because of improved technology that we have been able to enjoy the benefits of the steamer.

Ironing has a history that runs back to ancient China.

They were the first to use a form of hot iron to remove wrinkles from clothes.

A steamer is a recent invention.

It blows a blast of steam on the fabric, softening the fabric before you pass the hot iron to remove the creases.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Steamer

Reputable manufacturer

Choosing where to buy your steamer is as important as choosing the right steamer manufacturer.

That is because those who sell you the product can only go as far as to promise you they sourced it directly from the manufacturer.

That is their promise that you will get exactly what the manufacturer made.

That is why you should consider buying a steamer made in the USA for the best performance.

Guarantee of service

If you buy a steamer, and the manufacturer does not give you even a one-year guarantee that the product will work as promised, then there is a chance it is not a good product.

You may need to look elsewhere for a quality steamer.

A manufacturer should be able to stand behind their product if they know it is of good quality.

Do not just consider where to buy a steamer, think the period it will serve you.

Your usage

How you intend to use your steamer should be a factor when choosing which steamer to buy.

There is no point of buying a steamer made for home use, when what you need is an industrial steamer.

Most products are meant to last a specific period, after a certain number hours of use.

That is why it is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a steamer.

It is as important as knowing where to buy a steamer.

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How to Make Cheap Christmas Trees Look Great

It’s not uncommon for Christmas trees to cost well over $50 or even $100 each.

The taller and fuller a tree is the higher the price tag, which makes inexpensive artificial Christmas trees all the more attractive.

The problem: cheaper christmas trees tend to have a low budget look, rather than a high end realistic one.

Fortunately, there are many easy way to decorate an inexpensive artificial Christmas tree and make it look like one that cost a lost more.

Here’s how you can make your cheap tree look fabulous.

Pick a Theme

Having a theme for decorating inexpensive artificial Christmas trees can make them look more upscale than simply throwing on a mish mash of different types of ornaments.

You can do a theme by subject or color.

For instance, you could opt to only use ornaments that are white, gold, and deep blue, or use ornaments with a gingerbread theme.

The choice is up to you, and the options are nearly endless.

Get Creative with Color

You don’t have to use the traditional Christmas tree colors of red, green, silver, and gold.

In fact, when working with inexpensive artificial Christmas trees using a non-traditional color scheme can help take attention away from any flaws in the tree and make it look much better.

There’s a huge variety of ornament colors and types on the market today, and you can go with any size ornaments that you prefer.

Try pairing chocolate brown with aqua and white, purple with lime green and gold, or you could do a tree with all white ornaments of different textures.

Go With the Less Is More Approach

Just because you have a tree that’s on the cheaper side doesn’t mean you need to pack it with ornaments.

Aim to get the nicest looking, most durable ornaments that you can afford and spread them out evenly on the tree.

Having a ton of ornaments doesn’t necessarily look good, especially on inexpensive artificial Christmas trees.

It can tend to look cluttered and messy when you have a lot of ornaments hanging off one branch, especially since cheaper tree branches often get weighed down easily.

Spreading a well curated mix of decorations around your tree will make it look gorgeous.

Metallics Work Wonders

If you can get your hands on gold, bronze, silver, or other metallic colored ornaments they’ll go a long way towards helping your tree look more expensive than it really it.

These types of ornaments are reflective, look elegant, and you don’t need many to make a big impact.

It’s not just spherical metallic ornaments that look beautiful, but ones of all shapes and sizes.

Choose a mix for visual interest and to jazz up your tree.

Use White Lights

Colored lights are definitely festive, but plain white lights simply look classier on inexpensive artificial Christmas trees.

Be sure to match the string color with the color of your tree, and get enough strings of lights to cover it from top to bottom.

Having ample lights will make the tree look fuller and the illumination will distract from any sparse areas.

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Choosing The Best Beach Chairs For An Individual August 23, 2016

Some people like to spend their free time on the beach participating in a wide variety of different water sports.

Once all of these activities are over, they may also enjoy relaxing in their favorite beach chair as long as they want to, especially when they are away from home on vacation.

Therefore, before an individual makes a decision to buy their next beach chair, there are a few things that they may want to know, specifically if they want to make the best selection possible.

Three of the most beneficial involves choosing the right type of beach chair based on an individual’s preference.

With that being said, consumers should shop around first before they take off on their trip to the beach with their friends and family.

Typically, when a buyer is selecting the best beach chair for a specific person, one of the first things that they should know is what types of Rio beach chairs are available.

Fortunately, there’s quite a bit of information online about beach chairs that some people like to share with others.

In specific, here’s some information about the different types of beach chairs that many manufacturers in this industry are presently offering.

Lightweight beach chair

Since some people like to move around from one place on the beach to another, they may prefer the lightweight beach chairs when they make their purchases.

This is because the lightweight beach chairs are much easier to carry around quickly, especially for those who want to stay mobile.

For instance, some people like to go where all of the fun activities are so that they can participate in different kinds of water sports.

Therefore, they may need the capability of picking up and moving around wherever the action is located without having to drag a big heavy beach chair with them.

Reclining Beach Chair

While some people like to move around and stay involved in all kinds of different water sports, others like to relax on the beach wherever it is quiet and calm.

Therefore, the perfect chair for this individual is the reclining beach chair.

Reclining beach chairs are usually available in different sizes, shapes and materials.

So, it is best to shop around for reclining Rio beach chairs that fit a specific person’s taste.

Kids Rio beach chairs

Since most parents like to travel with their kids, it is important that children are comfortable too.

Therefore, parents can look for kid’s beach chairs in different sizes, materials and styles.

The sizes for kids can also vary so parents should shop for those that will fit the size of their children.

For instance, some manufacturers have designed beach chairs for children of all ages, from as early as the child can walk up to the ages of 12 and older.

Selecting the best type of beach chair for an individual does not have to be difficult when people know what types are available to them.

Therefore, when buyers are shopping, they can make their selections from the reclining beach chair, the lightweight beach chair or the kids’ beach chair.

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Messenger Bags for Girls Help Them Express Their Own Personality June 20, 2016

When it comes to expressing one’s own personality and being in style, one of the easiest ways to accomplish both is through the use of messenger bags for girls.

Most people are familiar with these bags, as they have become immensely popular in recent years.

The truth is, they allow every individual that carries them to express their own sense of style through various colors, patterns or even by customizing a bag through various means.

In addition, they perform a very practical use.

They are excellent for carrying books or other materials when a person is tired of trying to juggle everything with two arms and they have simply had enough of dealing with the old staple, the backpack.

When you consider all of these things, it is easy to see why messenger bags for girls have reached such a level of popularity.

It almost seems like they were a relatively new trend one day and then the next, they were being seen all over the place.

This alone attests to the fact that they are extremely functional.

The reality of the situation is that they are much easier to handle than the more traditional backpack.

Messengers bags distribute their weight equally over the entire body instead of forcing all of the weight to be placed on one shoulder, as is commonly the case when people carry backpacks over one side of the body or the other.

This makes messenger bags for girls a great option for anyone who carries a lot of books or who has issues with their shoulders.

In addition, it lets girls look stylish while they are carrying their items.

This is probably why they have gained so much popularity.

After all, girls really enjoy looking stylish, especially when they are in those formative teenage years.

Therefore, the use of messenger bags really caught on in schools.

One person saw that their friend had a messenger bag or the most popular girl in school was using one and the next thing you know, practically everyone in the class was carrying one.

The reason that the trend stuck, so to speak, is because they actually work.

It is relatively rare that something comes along that is both stylish and functional, but messenger bags for girls encompass all of these things so they work well for a variety of different uses.

There doesn’t seem to be any indication that the popularity of these bags is going to decline any time in the near future.

In fact, they are so popular that they can be found in virtually every store.

When you consider the idea that they can be used to carry books, writing tablets or even a laptop, it is easy to understand why so many people rely on them.

They are truly versatile enough to be used in almost any situation and they can be customized to reflect any individual’s personality in the process.

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Sweating Is Necessary, But Not The Odor That Comes With It June 2, 2016

Perspiration sweat (“hyperhidrosis”) can occur on the feet, hands, face, and especially under the arms.

For centuries, people sought ways to mask body odors, historically with herbs, spices, leaves, and flowers.

Sweat is one of the causes that changes our bodies’ natural odors through bacterial growth, including what we eat and changes in our natural body chemistry.

Since we all sweat, we need some type of deodorant and antiperspirant to mask certain body odors, which should include zinc or aluminum as well as alcohol which helps to keep us dry.

Deodorants contain antimicrobials that work to reduce and/or kill bacteria that causes body odors.

Some of the best smelling deodorant for men in different categories, includes the following:

Old Spice Original High Endurance and Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport

Old Spice was created in 1934 and it remains a very popular, tried and true brand name for the best smelling deodorant for men.

The Old Spice formula keeps men smelling fresh and not overly scented.

As a best smelling deodorant for men, the Old Spice Pure Sport is a different scent than the Original High Endurance, but it is not strong.

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

Many men today are looking for body scents which are made from “natural” products.

Green Tidings deodorant is an organic, vegan, and gluten free product that contains corn, soy, essential oils, and other ingredients that help to keep men fresh all day.

Green Tidings is also an antiperspirant that prevents and removes odors.

This organic odor free underarm product, as a best smelling deodorant for men, carries several nice light scents that smells fresh all day long.

MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Deodorant

Men enjoy nice scents, but with all of their body products.

MenScience does not contain any fragrance, but it takes care of a man’s underarm body odor all day long.

This effective deodorant does not contain any aluminum and it goes on dry and clear.

The ingredients that it does contain are safe and not toxic, such as witch hazel, aloe, tea tree extract, allantoin, glycerine and the manufacturer’s own creation called “microzeolites.”

Together, the MenScience Deodorant gives men odor busting anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory protection.

Gillette Clinical Odor Shield

Gillette is another popular brand name for male products.

The Gillette Clinical Odor Shield Deodorant is touted as an on-the-go underarm product for all men.

This best smelling deodorant for men is touted as a prescription strength wetness protection product.

It also contains a skin conditioner because men enjoy feeling soft also and its softening ingredients lessens skin irritations.

There is no stickiness, only all day protection from sweat odors and is stain free.

Boss Deodorant by Hugo Boss

On the high-end of deodorant products is Boss, a famous world-wide brand deodorant for men and a fashionable brand name.

It is a best smelling deodorant for men worldwide, due to its exceptional quality and superior effectiveness for all day protection.

The Boss Deodorant is made for men with a scent for men to wear, in lieu of perfume or cologne.

Yes, Boss Deodorant is strong, but it smells like an expensive cologne.

It is also a very effective deodorant for sweat protection and it does not leave any stains on clothes.

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Choosing the Best and Brightest Beach Chair and Umbrella Set May 4, 2016

The best beach chair and umbrella set can really brighten a day at the beach.

Some people arrive at the beach with nothing but a blanket.

These people are going to feel left out when they are surrounded by individuals who are carrying around their own shade in the form of a beach chair and umbrella set.

A blanket is going to provide a thin layer of protection from the sand, but it isn’t going to manage to protect people from anything else.

The Benefits of Beach Chairs and Umbrellas

A beach chair and umbrella set will manage to protect people from the sun, and it will actually manage to get people off of the sand altogether.

The sand of the beach is typically not going to be clean, and a thin blanket is usually not going to manage to provide all that much protection for anyone, which is especially noteworthy for the people who are only wearing thin bathing suits for protection anyway.

It’s much more logical to use a beach chair in order to keep away from the hazards of the sand.

The sand has a tendency to be very hot, which is only going to make the entire experience of basking in the sun from the sand less pleasant.

With the best beach chair and umbrella set, the people in question are not going to have to deal with such a frustrating situation.

Beach Chair and Umbrella Combinations

Some beach chair and umbrella sets are going to align the umbrella differently.

In some cases, the umbrella is only going to provide shade to a section of the chair, and people aren’t going to be able to change position all that much in order to enjoy it.

In other cases, whether people decide to lie back and recline in their beach chairs or whether they decide to sit upright in order to enjoy the view, they’re going to be protected by the shade of their umbrellas.

Beach chairs and their umbrellas are also going to vary a lot when it comes to sheer aesthetics.

For some people choosing a nice and pretty beach chair and umbrella set is as important as choosing a stylish bathing suit.

Naturally, people are going to notice a distant umbrella and beach chair more than they’re going to notice someone’s swimsuit, so this thinking makes sense to a certain extent.

People often want to be able to set up everything in style and do everything in style whether they’re on vacation or going out for a night on the town.

Umbrellas and beach chairs can certainly be part of that picture.

Some of the umbrella and beach chair sets that people are going to get will have a very utilitarian appearance.

Others are going to have a lot of visual appeal.

However, they’re all going to be able to provide people with protection from the heat of the sun and the sand, so they are all going to be equally useful to consumers everywhere.

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