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Elements of Filtramax Water Conditioner September 17, 2015

Puronics, Incorporated is a leading water treatment apparatus producer.

It’s headquarter is in Livermore, California.

Puronics water products purify and condition millions of gallons of water each year.

Many major restaurants, hotels, country clubs, dry cleaners, etc. depend on Puronics solution.

Individuals too can use these products to ensure the availability of purified water in their homes.

Puronics was founded in 1947 as a division of Ionics, Incorporated.

Ionics was a separations technology company involved in equipment and membranes across the globe.

It also owned and operated services for disinfection, purification, treatment and analysis of water, concentration, ultra-pure water and wastewater.

It had installations across over 62 different countries.

Puronics solutions comprises of water conditioning, micro-filtration, filtering, bacteriostatic carbon filtration, ultra-filtration, ultraviolet disinfection and reverse osmosis.

Companies utilize Puronics solutions for hot water heaters, pre-treatment of boilers, steam-handling equipments and dishwashers.

Puronics has two residential water solutions systems.

One is Filtramax water conditioner and the other is Terminator IQ Series.

Let us take a look at the elements of Filtramax water conditioner.

The Puronics Filtramax water conditioner is often regarded as the leading device for getting high quality water.

The device consists of a stainless steel media tank, six-cycle lead-free brass control valve and 24-volt motor, all of which work to provide the user with high quality water.

This five-stage water conditioner includes advanced SilverShield Protection Technology as well as a second back flush system to make sure your family will have the best quality water.

What’s more, you can enjoy decreased operating costs and extended functionality with this efficient device.

NASA Technology at work

Some interesting features of Puronics Filtramax water conditioner are as follows:

  • It works on MicroSilver Bacteriostasis Technology, which is based on NASA silver ion technology that was developed to refine water on the Space Shuttle Orbiters.
  • It has SilverShield HYgene filter media that integrates MicroSilver Bacteriostasis Technology into activated carbon to prevent growth of bacteria within the filter media of the system while decreasing objectionable odors and tastes.

It is WQA tested and certified according to NSF/ANSI 372 for compliance with low lead levels and NSF/ANSI 44 for decrease of hardness minerals.

A/ Exclusive 6-Cycle Lead-Free Brass Control Valve

Puronics Filtramax water conditioner comes equipped with –

  • Turbine metering system that back flushes and recharges, based on actual gallons of water used.
  • Second backwash that cleanses remainder salt, thus ensuring a cleaner filter media bed.
  • One-piece rigid brass valve.
  • Six-cycle valve that decreases water consumption.
  • 1st valve and by-pass valve that permit higher flow rates.
  • 24-volt motor that consumes roughly 10 cents of electricity per month.
  • Time tested, hydraulically fair Teflon coated piston.

This device even helps reduce salt or potassium consumption by as much as 50%.

B/ By-Pass Valve Operation

  • Permits water flow to by-pass the water treatment system.
  • Perfect for applications not needing conditioned water such as watering lawns.

C/ MicroSilver Bacteriostasis Technology

  • Microscopic molecules of silver are implanted into SilverShield HYgene media to prevent the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed.

D/ Refiner

  • SilverShield HYgene media decreases unpleasant chloramines as well as chlorine odors and tastes.

E/ Conditioner

  • High-capacity S-759 monospheric resin contains constant sized beads for higher efficiencies and flow rates.
  • It lowers turbidity, iron and hardness of the water.

F/ Filter

G/ Clarifier

  • Silica gravel gives the water an unmatched sparkling clarity.

So, when are you bringing home your Puronics Filtramax water conditioner?

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